S M S     E N G L I S H

& = and
2 = two, to or too
2DAY = today
2MORROW = tomorrow
B – be
B4 = before
BF = boyfriend
BRO = brother
BT = but
C = see
D8 = date
F8 = fate
GF = girlfriend
GR8 = great
L8 = late
L8r = later
PLS = please
SIS = sister
U = you
UR = your
ASAP = as soon as possible
CUL = see you later
HAND = have a nice day
HRU = how are you
LOL = laughing out loud
LTNS = long time no see
MU = I miss you
IC = I see
RUOK – are you ok?
U4E = you forever.
X = kiss

Read and translate these sentences:
A: I mu m8. Ltns. Hru?
B: Oh, I’m fine. I mu 2. How is ur sis?
A: My sis is Ok. She is on  a d8 2day.
B: Ic. That’s gr8. It’s getting l8. We should go b4 It get’s dark. I hope I will cu l8r. Maybe 2morrow?
A: Ok! Hand. CUL

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