Class Name Bingo with a Twist

I make up my own BINGO grid with such things written in the boxes as, "Has Long Hair" or "Is Wearing Blue" or "Read a Harry Potter Book This Summer." My students then walk around the classroom and have their classmates sign their names in the boxes that apply. They can only use the person's name once on their BINGO cards. Then we all play BINGO. When a BINGO is called, that student must stand up and tell which spaces were part of his BINGO by saying, "Jenny has long hair, Skyler is wearing blue and Miguel read a Harry Potter book this summer," and so on. When those students' names are called, they stand up and wave "hello" to their classmates. And those 5 students are all winners, too!

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  1. Muito criativo, adorei!!

  1. Thanks!

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