Para os estudantes que dominam a lingua inglesa, um ótimo site para melhorar ainda mais não só o seu inglês, mas também se atualizar com as notícias do Brasil e do mundo é o Um site que vc pode estar encontrando videos com suas transcrições em inglês, treinando assim a sua pronúncia, seu ouvido e também o seu vocabulário. Uma das últimas notícias colocadas pelo foi sobre o triste tiroteio na escola pública do Rio de Janeiro, a seguir vcs assistem ao video e sua transcrição em inglês:

(Image Source: Al Jazeera)

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Eleven children are dead after a 23-year-old gunman walked into a Rio de Janeiro elementary school and opened fire on students. Welington de Oliveira came to the school carrying two guns and a suicide note. But Western media is leaving out one important detail seen in Brazilian reports: that Oliveira’s attacks are motivated by religious extremism.

European media focuses on basic facts and says the suicide note’s content will be released later. The Guardian compares the tragedy to American shootings like Columbine and El Pais says:
“Rio is in mourning and disturbed because this kind of crime was not common in the city."

But in this video
, Globo News journalists in Brazil say the note isn’t a secret - and it contains  confusing, Islamic rantings. They say the note lists instructions for his body after death and affirms that he was a virgin.

Atlas Shrugs was one of the first blogs to point out
the discrepancy, claiming a bias in US and European reporting:

“I think it's important to note that all of the headlines in the news reports in Portuguese call the murderer an Islamic suicide bomber and report that his letter refers to Islam, while none of the English outlets are reporting this critical clue..."
But Agencia Brasil spoke to a Brazilian Muslim Association spokesperson who said the gunman was not connected to the religion, just a fanatic:

“The sheikh called on them to avoid “generalizing" and “that people discriminate against each other” because of religion ... He recalled the fact that just because a person is reading the Koran, the sacred book of Islam, that does not mean he is religious.”

BOL Noticias brings a statement
from Oliveira’s adopted sister’s confirming his religious motivations.

“He was a strange person. Didn’t go out much, spent lots of time on the Internet and really was into this Islam thing...”  

The website also says the local police read the letter and...
“...revealed that the suicidal letter... was 'confused' and basically talked about ‘Islam fundamentalism.’”

And on the other side of the spectrum, ABC News reports the gunman’s suicide note asked for “forgiveness and [revealed] he had HIV.”

Conflicting reports aside - an Al Jazeera reporter notes this is the first school shooting attack in Brazil’s history. The unprecedented violence has many locals overwhelmed and confused:

“I thought that was something that would happen in other countries, he says, I never thought I’d see something like this happen here in Brazil.”

Thirteen other children were wounded in the attack, four are in critical condition.

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