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From duh, winning! To, uh, losing? Charlie Sheen lasted less than an hour on stage in Detroit, the first stop of his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option” tour.
After the audience poured out of the Fox Theater mid-show, some media observers said defeat should be an option for Sheen, who’s suffered a series of public embarrassments. (KGTV)
The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney argues, everyone’s finally over Sheen’s antics, including Sheen himself.
“There’s a certain train-wreck fascination in watching a meltdown in progress, but this anthropological study of the homo loco species wore very thin very fast. And Sheen appears to have known it.”
The show consisted of Sheen rambling behind a lectern, playing a selection of random video clips from his films and letting his “goddesses” prance around on stage.
No one seemed to be happy post-show. But as Detroit DJ Drew Lane asks WJBK, what did these people think they were going to see?
“Yeah, I think people feel kind of conned. I heard a lot of people talking about refunds. But, you know, a motion picture star doing a live show like that? I didn’t see this as being a big success to be honest ... I’d be surprised if this thing lasts two more weeks to be honest.”
Someone who might be happy with Sheen’s show? The creator of Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre. Variety points out, Sheen’s making the people he keeps making fun of look like saints.
“After all, Sheen's train-wreck of a life hasn't exactly been a secret. Helping him hold together enough to continue to perform on the show must have required an enormous amount of delicate care and feeding.”
But because Detroit was the show’s test run, People Magazine says Sheen deserves another chance.
“…maybe the Warlock just needs a more receptive audience. One attendee in Detroit blamed fellow audience members for Sheen's flop. ‘I personally thought the crowd turned on him too fast,’ Travis Robinson, 21, tells PEOPLE. ‘Everyone ruined it for everyone else.’”
Sheen tours for two more months. And all of the shows are sold out.

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